This is a multi layered project that explores illustrative model making, design activism and art direction underpinned by the theories of the Situationist International using Detrournement .  I was given a Versace early 1990’s evening dress to interpret using brown paper to challenge existing views of consumerism, through intervention and an art directed campaign, which challenges the fast fashion industry.

I used an array of techniques when working with the brown paper to create my dress. I used paper mache to assemble the corset of the dress, a laser cutter for the lace panel of the skirt, and hand folding to create the pleats.  The label was also recreated by hand due to the nature of this project as the quality of a printed label would have taken away the handcrafted quality of the dress.

The intervention itself took place in Edinburgh and involved the members of a group to stand completely still whilst the public continued to move around them. This was the chosen outcome as it conveys that the public are constantly moving too fast and continue to purchase cheap clothing without taking the time to consider why it is so cheap.
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