For this YCN brief it was required to create a wrap design that adhered to the current footprint of the 500ml Tonic bottle of Fever Tree. The design must also incorporate the key information on the front of the bottle to clearly communicate the brand and the product name to the consumer.

The outcome for this was 4 limited edition bottles created for the region of Africa focusing upon the countries of Madagascar, Kenya, Botswana and Angola.  With existing and potential consumers generally between 35 to 65 years of age that are generally driven by quality it was essential to continue this high standard in the design of the wrap.

Each label has been designed for an individual country and the designs are all hand drawn illustrations focusing on the most popular animal of each country.  They also incorporate the elements of geometric patterns from traditional African art. Each design has been engraved onto handmade paper allowing for a unique label to be produced every time and contributing to the traditional African essence of the design.
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