The brief was to create an engaging limited edition packaging concept for an existing Scottish Whisky focusing on a calendar event, anniversary or a new market using type and paper that may be accompanied by illustration work. This project may take place in the form of a wrapper or directly applied to the bottle.

For the outcome of this project I created a whisky cocktail recipe wrap design for the Scottish whisky, Glenfiddich. I chose to focus my design towards women of the age of 35 years old, due to their tendency to have a disposable income and willingness to spend more on a high end whisky such as Glenfiddich.  Women are also not known for enjoying whisky so this creates a challenging new market to design for.

I created hand drawn illustrations for this wrap design as I believe it creates a more authentic essence to the design and draw attention to the fresh botanic ingredients used within the cocktail. A circular design was created containing the finely detailed illustrations and the recipe was centered to the design and placed in authentic type to create a style reminiscent of botanical labeling. This also reflects the age and reliability of the world famous brand of whisky.
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